Like Snowflakes
22 December 2016

A winter EP with six hushed piano songs, recorded at home.

1. Like Snowflakes
2. Christmas In Your Sights
3. Winter Sun Origami
4. Everywhere, Clouds!
5. New Year’s Day
6. Draw The Curtains

It’s available as a free / pay-what-you-like digital download from:

12 July 2016
Sunny Intervals Sunrise 18 June outline

A home-made collection of songs about the summer, with soft harmonies, acoustic guitars, pianos, flutes, trumpets and more.

1. Clouds Breaking
2. In The Hallway (lyrics)
3. Coastal Blue (lyrics)
4. Say It First (lyrics)
5. Chaffinches (lyrics)
6. The Hills (lyrics)
7. Light Clouds
8. Twenty-four Hours (lyrics)
9. A Leaf Falling In Summer (lyrics)
10. South Carolina (lyrics)
11. Dancing (lyrics)
12. Clouds (lyrics)

It’s available on limited edition cassette or free / pay-what-you-like digital download from:

Step into spring
4 February 2014

Sunny Intervals - Step into spring

An optimistic spring record, with shimmering guitars, harmonies, trumpets and pianos. It’s a relatively lo-fi affair, recorded in my living room and in the local community hall.

1. I fell in love with the sunset (lyrics)
2. South circular (lyrics)
3. Step into spring (lyrics)
4. Watching cities from satellite towns (lyrics)
5. Like a carousel spinning (lyrics)
6. Counting the days back to you (lyrics)
7. Calendar months (lyrics)
8. Carbis Bay (lyrics)
9. Hearts (lyrics)
10. Until the summer (lyrics)

It’s available now to download free from Bandcamp:
Sunny Intervals – Step Into Spring

3 December 2012

Sunny Intervals - Rooftops

Twelve songs with a mostly autumnal theme, recorded in late 2012. The sound of crushed golden leaves under your shoes, the low sunlight in your eyes and the cold breeze on your face.

1. Soft launch (lyrics)
2. Head over heels (lyrics)
3. Rooftops (lyrics)
4. All that’s left of the summer (lyrics)
5. Blackfriars (lyrics)
6. Something in the silence told me (lyrics)
7. Europa (lyrics)
8. Get back to the city (lyrics)
9. Sky lanterns (lyrics)
10. Bonfire night (lyrics)
11. Tales of autumn (lyrics)
12. Lighthouse song (lyrics)

It’s available to download free from Bandcamp:
Sunny Intervals – Rooftops

Other songs, sketches and demos
I recorded a series of songs, sketches and demos (mostly on 4-track cassette) between 2007 and 2011.  Read more here.