Christmas In Your Sights

Familiar lights, a familiar feel
A picture of you wearing tinsel
But honey it’s only June
Well you’ll peak too soon
A chill in the air brings a spring to your step
The people at work start to smile when they chance on you in the lifts
But they always did
And every high street sings ‘come down and join the party’
And every Carol throws her arms around you

A charity shop in the centre of town
You’re already wondering which celeb will turn the Christmas lights on
But it’s still only June
And every tree has its tinsel missing
The first two notes of every doorbell you ring sound like a festive tune
But it’s still only June
And every landmark looks best with snow upon it
And every church bell is a kind of tonic

And all through the heartache of the summer
Well it’s such a long wait, but all you have to do is drift away
And you can almost catch Christmas in your sights