Rooftops (album)

3 December 2012

Twelve songs with a mostly autumnal theme, recorded in late 2012. The sound of crushed golden leaves under your shoes, the low sunlight in your eyes and the cold breeze on your face.

1. Soft launch (lyrics)
2. Head over heels (lyrics)
3. Rooftops (lyrics)
4. All that’s left of the summer (lyrics)
5. Blackfriars (lyrics)
6. Something in the silence told me (lyrics)
7. Europa (lyrics)
8. Get back to the city (lyrics)
9. Sky lanterns (lyrics)
10. Bonfire night (lyrics)
11. Tales of autumn (lyrics)
12. Lighthouse song (lyrics)

It’s available to download free from Bandcamp:
Sunny Intervals – Rooftops