Call and Response (EP)

Call and response
24 September 2007 (WeePop! Records)


1. Let the city run away with us (lyrics)
2. Weekenders (lyrics)
3. Sunset on Parliament Hill (lyrics)
4. Sixty seconds to fall in love (lyrics)
5. Lights out over Kilburn (lyrics)

The debut Sunny Intervals EP, “Call and Response” was a limited edition run of 120, lovingly made by Camila and Thor with 3” CDs, handmade cardboard sleeves and lovely tiny inserts. After much screwing up of paper and throwing it towards a (recycling) bin, I’ve even drawn some pictures for the sleeve. All the songs were recorded on 4-track cassette.

It being WeePOP! we’ve gone for the most sunny and poppy songs to launch Sunny Intervals to the world. It’s a whistlestop tour of the highs and lows of London nightlife, train journeys, seaside holiday camps, 60s revolutionaries, comic book figures and more besides.

Sadly this EP is now sold out.