Let the city run away with us

Well I’ll sidestep round the winter city just like George Best in a suit
And I’ll set my sights on the outskirts just as the moths are drawn by the central lights
There’s a simple rule of thumb to follow for an evening in the smoke
It says ‘a dress code means there’ll be violent scenes’
And you’ll know I’m right from the bouncers eyes

They say “leave your dancing in the past”
“Leave your dancing in some 1960s northern town” and
“Join the queue around the block”
“Enjoy your evening” but I just don’t know what’s going on

‘Cos I’m just an optimistic chancer with a serotonin grin
And my copy of The State We’re In has a pull-out chapter just for London
And life’s too short to wait in line for someone’s cocktail to be poured
It’s like “Jimmy’s got his promotion so it’s mo-hee-to rounds and we’ll the dancefoor and…”

Smash the glasses on the floor
Shove the guy who’s standing innocently next to you and
Sing along to Underworld
Can’t you see that they were only making fun of you?

Well I’m like that singer Tiffany running just as fast as my legs can
Like a 90s politician I’m asking questions if it’s worth my time
And I’m like Jay-Z with several problems but the city just ain’t one
And if I said it’s running circles round me, well maybe that’s something I’ve overcome and I’ll

Soak up views on Primrose Hill
Catch the sunset and the romance wrapped in London Fields and
Trace the river through the buildings
Tip my hat to all the architects and clear my head and

Let the city run away with us
And we’ll let the city lead us off through every turning
And we’ll live through the drive-bys, the knives and the crack dens and
Leave the city for another spinning bus ride home.