I packed enough clothes to last the summer
Vacuum-packed and if you roll it, don’t fold it, then you’ll most likely stop the creases
Honestly, well if it’s straighteners or sunglasses I’m torn

You’re looking at me through D&A frames
Angled edges suit the curves of your cheekbones
With your friend looking so self-conscious
Homemade t-shirts, a sublime way of living
As we climb aboard the First Great Western
Might I make a quick suggestion…

Let’s do our best to embrace the summer
Top and tail it with a twist an accomplice and a
Wishlist of destinations
Honestly, wait and see, I’ve got ideas that’ll make your heart melt
Patently that isn’t true but I’m pining for the
Opportunities that send us
Out on a limb like the weekenders
Consequences you could forecast
From taking risks and cutting corners

Occupied with vacant eyes, meandering along
Forgotten railway paths behind the cinema that’s shut down by the council
Who perceive the young as threats to town tradition
A council who see leisure as another retail complex
As the weekenders scatter from panic in cities
And trespass on railways and old country buildings
Where curfews and licenses fall by the side
And dancing and romance are safe from the borough

We didn’t mean to break the law tonight
We just want to cut domestic ties
Nobody died, we tidied up after ourselves
This was the only fun in town.


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