The Analogue Years (album)

The Analogue Years
9 April 2012

analogue bike blue

A 30-track compilation of Sunny Intervals songs, sketches and demos recorded on 4-track cassette between 2007 and 2010. It includes the album Signposts, three EPs (Obstacles, Sidewalk Cafe and Autumn/Winter Collection), plus five extra tracks. Hopefully something curious to dip into now and then. 

If you’d like a free download copy, please contact me.

Signposts (28 January 2008)
1. First off the blocks (lyrics)
2. Recollections (lyrics)
3. Signposts (lyrics)
4. About your lost car keys… (lyrics)
5. Melodies for booksellers (lyrics)
6. Falling by the side (lyrics)
7. The archives (lyrics)
8. Ninety degrees (lyrics)
9. Batten down the hatches (lyrics)
10. Art and design (lyrics)

Obstacles (15 December 2008)
11. Take to the streets (lyrics)
12. Hollyoaks (lyrics)
13. Obstacles (lyrics)
14. Upstairs at the piano bar (lyrics)
15. Chamomile tea (lyrics)

Sidewalk Cafe (11 October 2009)
16. Cincinnati (lyrics)
17. The case for the defence (lyrics)
18. Sidewalk cafe (lyrics)
19. Amelia (lyrics)
20. Sleepwalking (lyrics)

Autumn/Winter Collection (1 December 2010)
21. As summer draws in  (lyrics)
22. Winding down For Christmas (lyrics)
23. Dilated pupils (lyrics)
24. Stay cool at Christmas (lyrics)
25. Seaview hotel (lyrics)

Extra tracks:
26. Signposts (original) (lyrics)
27. Recollections (original) (lyrics)
28. Shy hamlet romance
29. Sidewalk cafe (live) (lyrics)
30. Melodies for booksellers (original) (lyrics)

Cover photo by pepo: