Koalas aren’t bears and bats are not blind
Lemmings don’t dive off the side off a cliff if they’re given a choice,
It’s just popular myth
Napoleon Bonaparte wasn’t that short.
When Columbus set sail, almost everyone knew it’s a spherical world.
That places no value on details
Mussolini did not make the trains run on time.
You can’t see the Great Wall of China while taking a walk on the moon
As some people assume
And lakes aren’t just blue from reflecting the sky.
Oceans are blue because water is blue, so let’s clear that up now
And get on with our lives
And I’ll keep running, and you’ll keep planting obstacles
Humans use more than a tenth of their brains.
Shaving does not make your hair grow back thicker
And don’t talk to me, about goldfish memories
Your nails won’t keep growing on after your death
An earthworm does not become two worms when somebody cuts it in half.
So don’t even try it
And Edison didn’t invent all your light bulbs
And Inuit people don’t actually have many words that mean snow.
Two or three at the most.
And it seems that the north pole is really the south pole
It just makes me wonder which other assumptions are letting me down
And making me tired.
And I’ll keep running, and you’ll keep planting obstacles


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