Amelia, you’ve got your label showing
Not literally, just saying someone loves you
You took me out on the scene
With ‘the kids’ in tow and the nature screaming
I’m hypnnotised by the speech
You signed me up for some leafleting
Then I was all alone
All along and confused

Amelia, climbing trees for a living
I’ll have to pass, I’ve got a strategy meeting
And BBC 24 tries all day to keep up with you
And I got dropped out of the scene
When I took a cheap flight to save some money
Then I was all alone, all alone in some city
All alone, Amelia come home!

There’s a flicker in your eyes
A lifestyle choice you can justify
An ideal type you can strive for
The country girl and the city worker

Amelia, now we’re five years older
Amelia, I hope you never sold out
And I spend my afternoons
Watching too many Disney films
That tie up so many loose ends
So why do I wake up every day having to start again?