I’d never even seen you on a map
I’d never been to Fountain Square
The Amtrak station 
I just have a romantic notion
I’ve never even seen you in a film
I’m living for a misplaced dream
The vibrant style
That Delakota sang about so
I’m skipping Cincinnati out
I’m going to pass through every other town
And that way Cincinnati can’t let me down
Atlantic City
I met you by the famous boardwalk stairs
I’m really heading somewhere else
Just stopping off
I guess we’ll make the most of it but then
Atlantic City
The lighthouse looks so clear against the sunset
The skyline and the blackjack cards
I’ll embrace the chance
To act as if I’m someone else
I’m all Atlantic City now
It’s made start to realise somehow
Just maybe Cincinnati won’t let me down
You saw me running,
Running through the crowds in Foundtain Square
It wasn’t like my misplaced dreams
But Cincinatti’s
opened up my eyes and so we met
And started talking
I want to find out every single thing
Not cover you a false mystique
Misguided dreams
I’m ready now for everything
And I’m living Cincinnati now
I’m running circles right round Eden Park
There’s no way Cincinnati can let me down
At the botanical gardens
The Newport Acquarium
Blue Wisp Jazz Club
Up on Kings island
The Union terminal
The underground railroad
Coney island
First Friday Gallery Hop
Carew Tower
Mount Airy Forest
Roebling suspension bridge
Krohn conservetory
Great American Ball Park
The American Sign Museum
Contemporary Arts Center