Watching cities from satellite towns

Tonight the mist falls on the rooftops
Music drifts through open windows
Leaves and litter rustle through the streets
I’ll write to you with inkwells
Fountain pens and blotting paper
Tea lights, fading memories when everyone around says their goodbyes

And far from the gathering of crowds, watching the cities from our satellite towns

Tonight the sun cuts through the branches
Effortlessly, easily
The shadows stretch and twist across the paths
Then climb up the walls
Folk songs play through faded bars
Boutiques open, fail and close
As everyone around says their goodbyes
Drawn in by the street light glow
Drawn in as the city calls

And far from the gathering of the crowds
Watching the beautiful fall in and out of love from the safety of our distant towns
We’ll fall out of step and out of line
Watching the people falling in and out of love
In the offices and cafes, libraries and factories of these satellite towns
Right before our eyes

Then everyone around comes falling home
Drawn in by the silent nights
Drawn by the horizon
To these satellite towns right before our eyes
Satellite towns before our eyes